Smart Doctor ScheduleOn the pages of our magazine we wrote about the doublet medical applications with a common prefix Smart – Smart Doctor Schedule and Smart Patient Schedule. For those who have forgotten both programs successfully replace standing in queues, automatically assign a PCP (pick and choose) and inconsistent explanations, what brings you here. In client side you could make an appointment to see the doctor, and the doctor (if you, of course, had to do with medicine) recorded clients on all portfolio items: diagnosis, photograph, name, surname. Laudatory description of the program we finished that, they say, it is all good, but it is unknown how it will go to the people – after all, not every doctor (especially in Russia) will go to such drastic measures. Now, after some time, it is safe to sum up the interim results.

Let’s start with the fact that the base Smart Doctor now has more than thousands of doctors worldwide. And this is definitely a success – although the figure may seem small, it is important to understand that the key to these things is to break the ice. And the parade can then the app will go on a doctor’s hands, smashed the walls of the hospital ward and after some time will become a mandatory thing in every phone is as it is now, say, the mail app.

As if realizing that their project goes uphill, the authors have added several improvements. First, significantly redesigned search patients the right doctor. If before this process had been difficult, but now everything as simple as possible by looking at the list of your doctor (if it’s not there, drag him explanatory discussion), date and time of recording. – No difficulties and standing in queues.

Another good news for the men in white coats – Smart Doctor works for free until 2015. We will remind, earlier it was all a little differently – app for patients were distributed for free, but for the use of medical program had to subscribe. Agree, that was expensive: not the fact that some of the customers used Smart Doctor and wasting money hardly anyone wants. However, it is now all in the past – enjoy the free app now the next six months, absolutely quietly.

Apparently, again because of the influx of users, the authors have supplemented the program description in the App Store – now it is clear that these two apps; and even before, apparently, people were perplexed.

In short, Smart Doctor are going well – even great. We, for our part, cannot but rejoice at the success of another program that is able to really make our lives easier – and in that area, where, apparently, anything to ease.

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