operation of the technological platformTechnological platform ” medicine of the future” became the first officially established technology platform in Russia.

The principles of operation of the technological platform “medicine of the future” and the main stages of its development at a press conference in IA “Interfax-Siberia” told the coordinator of the platform, Professor, M. D. corresponding member of the Russian Academy of medical Sciences, Vice-rector for research and postgraduate training, Siberian state medical University Lyudmila Ogorodova.

Technology platform – it is a tool of public-private partnership and its operations, according to Lumiline Mikhailovna, primarily aimed at the strengthening of interaction and cooperation of business, science and the state for the promotion of scientific research to the market.

Within the competence of the technological platform ” medicine of the future” includes biomedical developments in the field of instrumentation, pharmaceuticals, diagnostic systems, mnogokomponentnyh materials ( dressings, dental, materials for prosthetics). The platform itself already includes 194 participants, including some leading Russian universities ( Moscow state technical University n. a. Bauman, MSU, MEPhI, Russia), Russian Academy of medical Sciences, Russian Academy of Sciences, as well as business partners and the state.

The main objective of the technology platform – to identify what developments appeared today in science, which are promising, and then develop programmes to launch on the market. « developer In Russia, creating innovation, loses a lot of time searching for investments and implementation, at a time when we could engage in scientific research is another new development. This is not right, because everyone has to do their job. Technology platform needs to solve this problem”, ” says Liudmila Ogorodova.

Technology platform includes 3 stages:

the creation of a common platform for business, government and developers; compilation of scientific and technological forecasting and identifying technological priorities; the establishment of a strategic programme of research, development and implementation roadmap.

The research program consists of the so-called full-cycle projects, the stages which make up the entire chain of commercialization from R & d to mass production specific medicines, products and devices. Negotiates strategic research programme, the state, and this means that in the Federal target program of the Ministry of education and science of the Russian Federation are financed specific projects included in the Technological platform. As part of these projects, the government pays for the development of industrial technology, and the business is investing in setting up manufacturing facilities, industrial machinery, development of technology and production launch. Likewise, emerging business risks and the state share equally. It is important to note that projects that pass through a technological platform, are the most likely to have access to budget and regional resources, the resources of the companies with state participation and resources of private business.

Today from 27 Russian platforms approved for implementation by the Government Commission on high technologies and innovations, only three platforms initiated by representatives of regions, among them – the technology platform ” medicine of the future”. Tomsk project, according to capital expert — one of the most promising projects. Technological platform ” medicine of the future” became the first officially established technology platform in the Russian Federation.

The founding conference of the technology platform ” The medicine of the future” vyshgorodskaya in Tomsk on may 26, in the framework of the XIV Tomsk innovation forum.

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