representing mo-lotocky mechanismPsychic Edgar Cayce called sound therapy medicine of the future. The sound is already quite widely used for medicinal purposes — which means that the future predicted by the Case, is not far off. Healing occurs when the mind and body merge into a common harmony. In this Chapter, we will examine the varieties of sound, based on the use of overtones and resonance.

Although the sound is endowed with medicinal functions since ancient times, its use as a tool of healing was confined to religious and esoteric traditions. Recently, however, the therapeutic properties of sound began to attract the attention of the scientific and medical community. There was even special organizations such as the International society for the development of sound and Association “Medicine and art”, bringing together physicians, scientists and other professionals in the field of swolleni.


At the core of all species known to me sound is the principle of resonance. As you probably remember, “resonant frequency” is called the oscillation frequency inherent to the object from nature. Everything in our universe is in a state of vibration, including the body of each of us. Every organ, every bone, and the fabric has a “healthy” resonance frequency. If this frequency is changed, the body begins to break out of a harmonious chord that entails the disease. The disease can be cured by defining loyal, “healthy” the frequency of the body and sending him a wave of this frequency. Restoration of natural frequencies in the body means recovery.


One of the pioneers in the field of sound became a British osteopath, medical doctor Peter gay man-nurse. Since 1961, he studied the effects of sound on the human body structure and proceeding of chemical processes.

Dr. manners has reviewed the results of the experiments of Dr. Jenni (which, as you remember, studied morphogenetic properties of sound waves) and became his follower. He invented an electronic device which has received name «SIMATIC”, and developed the so-called «cymatic therapy”. For over twenty years, Dr. manners with the help of “cymatics” heal a variety of diseases. Given the premise that the disease is caused by a failure in the resonant frequency, he began to calculate frequencies corresponding to a healthy level of vibration of the various parts of the body.

«In a healthy body, ” writes Dr. manners, — all the molecules have the same structure and harmoniously interact with each other. If the body is embedded wrong frequency, this harmonic relationship is broken. It may happen that a foreign vibration is not enough powerful and natural frequency will be able to overpower her. But a more powerful vibration can spread throughout the body, bone, fabric and so on. One can, however, strengthen the sick organ, giving him a wave, the frequency of which coincides with its natural frequency. Invader will be neutralized, and the body will recover its previous level of vibration. This should lead to a recovery”.

«SIMATIC” consists of a portable computer the size of a case and of a sound generator, representing mo-lotocky mechanism.

Harmonics produced “kymatica”, are subjected to computer processing — are tabulated and reconstructed, — then the adjusted frequency is sent to the affected area. Harmonics “cymatics” consist of five different frequencies which, according to the calculations of Dr. Manners, can have on the human body’s most powerful healing effect. Sounds «cymatics” fundamentally different from vocal harmonics, which is dedicated to this book: they are created by an electronic device, and each of them represents a pure tone. However, these tones are harmonics of the reference frequencies of the human body, separated from these frequencies for the number of octaves up or down, so they could be perceived by the human ear. Reference frequency (which may be in the range as INF-RA-and ultrasonic frequencies) acts in this case the main tone to the tones-harmonics created “kymatica”. Tones these are the main tone interval in one or more octaves. It is for­this applies to them and the term “harmonics”.

Computer memory “cymatics” composite contains thousands of harmonics designed to return a diseased body in a healthy state. Each organ and each disease correspond to the specific frequency.

Special frequencies are treated mental disorder. Here is just a partial list of diseases that eliminates “SIMATIC”: anemia, asthma, colitis, constipation, diabetes, eczema, glaucoma, heart disease, various types of hernia, kidney disease, multiple sclerosis, sciatica, sleeping sickness, syphilis and tonsillitis. If the theory of resonance therapy is correct, then the sound can be a real panacea, the cure almost any disease. «Cymatic therapy” — this is just one of many but­waysomething zvukoterapii techniques. These varieties of healing has already managed to acquire considerable popularity, however, for official recognition in the medical community they lack scientific justification. The fact is that research is time consuming and requires considerable financial costs, that is the help of sponsors. And organizations are extremely reluctant to allocate funds for the development of untested methods, and the circle is thus closed.

However, the lack of funds for scientific research does not interfere with sound again and again to demonstrate its effectiveness. I have talked to many people who themselves have experienced the healing effects of sound. In addition, I have had my own eyes on­directly observed cases of healing under the influence of sound, especially the vocal harmonics (which you will read more in the Chapter “Overtone singing”).

Unfortunately, none of these cases failed to capture on video. But I want to believe that the enormous healing potential inherent in the sound, in the near future will become scientifically proven facts. In my opinion, researchers should focus on finding evidence of the effectiveness of the sound, and the discovery of the mechanism of this effectiveness. And I am sure that in the process of such research to the fore is sure to be the phenomenon of resonance.In her first interview with Dr. Manners I asked how he managed to make a frequency range of “Ki-MATIC”. The doctor replied that most of them were computed and calculated in a scientific way, the rest of the results were obtained by means of the instruments being integrated­IIR in Radionics. Radionics is based on the premise that any substance emits energy — not just the usual magnetic or electric, and energy, which manifests itself in subtle, hidden levels of vibration. To identify this energy with special pendulums, which react on it begin to sway. Using such devices, the researchers were able to determine the frequencies corresponding to the different parts of the human body.

Dr. manners has informed me that the results of laboratory experiments (e.g., to identify the natural frequencies of the liver) coincided commissioned radionically devices. It should be noted that one such laboratory experience takes several hours, whereas a study using radionically devices lasts only a few minutes.


Another type of sound developed by Barbara Hee-ROE, based on the Pythagorean table of frequencies — “lambda”. (About “the table lambdoma” briefly explained earlier in the Chapter “music Theory in scientific disciplines”.) It is believed that this mathematical system was developed by Pythagoras, and saved from destruction by his disciple Iamblichus.

Barbara Hiro, mathematician and artist who works with “lambooy” for the past twenty years. She believes that ’s lambdoma” lies the formula for the cure sound, because these frequencies are capable through resonance to restore balance and harmony to the chakras.The chakras are shown energy centers located on the center line of the body, i.e. along the spine. In many esoteric traditions adopted postulate that the energy impacting the physical body comes from the chakras. Currently, many scientists are conducting research that aims to prove the existence of the chakras and other subtle elements of the energy system in the body — such as the meridians, which are based on the theory of acupuncture. It is believed that disturbances in the chakras adversely affect the condition of the physical body. Therefore, the method of restoring balance in the chakras is both therapeutic technique.

Developed by Barbara zvukoterapii system is based on ascending and descending scales synthesized pure tones. When I first heard these sounds, they made a big impression on me. However, this technique probably does not quite fit me personally, and because I couldn’t really feel its impact. The system itself, however, I am very interested in; in particular I wanted to understand on what basis they were selected desired frequency. Unlike me, my wife Karen, much more responsive, fully felt the beneficial effects of these sounds. Listening to the tape recording of frequencies “lambda-we”, she felt that certain colors resonate with the chakras, restoring harmony and balance. Equally favorable reviews and I heard from many other people who worked on system Barbara Hiro.

Carefully examining the frequency “lambda” I found

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