Kazan FederaKazan Federal: medicine of the future is born here!

Yesterday, February 6, in KFU familiarization visit was visited by the Deputy Minister of education and science of the Russian Federation, supervising the scientific field, Lyudmila Ogorodova.

The visit was intense – the first item was a visit to the L. Ogorodova accompanied by the rector of KFU Ilshat Gafurov . Director Ifmib Andrew Ciacova and staff Ifmib educational and laboratory complex . located in a former RSC-2.

Then Ogorodova L. and accompanying leaders alma mater visited several laboratories of the Institute of physics . then went in a University laboratory building . situated on a street of the Paris commune. There the guests were shown the laboratory of the Centre for proteomic research and the REC pharmaceuticals . mass-spectroscopy . confocal . optical and scanning electron microscopy . and laboratory cell cultures . molecular genetic and histological .

Of course, not been overlooked and the Centre for health science KFU . L. Ogorodova showed laboratory are there Engineering center of medical simulators . «Development and engineering” . “Clinical cases and techniques” and “Testing & testing” , and hybrid operating room and equipped with medical simulators “gym” for future doctors.

During the inspection I. Gafurov, A. kiesow and representatives of PPP Ifmib told the L. Ogorodova about the ongoing work in the FSC basic and applied medical research, about domestic and foreign partners of the University – both scientific and industrial – and carried out jointly with them.

Our guest listened with great interest, constantly asking questions. This is not surprising: despite working in the MES of the RF, Ogorodova L. – doctor of medical Sciences, member-correspondent of the Russian Academy of medical Sciences . doctor of the highest category in Allergology-immunology and Pediatrics. Its track record – work Pro-rector on scientific activity and postgraduate training and chair of the Department of faculty Pediatrics with a course of childhood diseases lechfak SSMU.

In addition, she – Chairman of the technological platform ” medicine of the future” . Its task is the modernization of the medical environment, creation of conditions for implementation in practical health care of new medical products and services, reduce mortality and morbidity, increasing life expectancy and quality of life, as well as the growing population of the Russian Federation. The project involved 114 academic institutes of the Russian Academy of medical Sciences and Russian Academy of Sciences, 164 manufacturing companies and 75 universities. KFU has not yet involved.

We have seen produced on L. Ogorodova most favorable impression. She commended the ongoing work we are working in the field of medicine and pharmaceuticals, and such an experienced specialist just praise does not distribute. So, maybe soon, the list of participants of the technological platform ” medicine of the future” will get a new name – Kazan (Volga region) Federal University “.

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