Clinic "medicine of the Future"Today the Association of hospitals “medicine of the future” — is a modern multidisciplinary medical center with a wide range of medical services and areas: therapy, neurology, gynecology, dentistry, ultrasound, laboratory diagnostics, psychotherapy.

One of the main directions of activities are:

Medical examinations (periodic, pre-pre-trips and post-trips, pre-shift, poslesmennyj), including inspections on private honey.books, medical examination for the presence of medical contraindications to driving (medical certificate in the traffic police), medical examination for the presence of medical contraindications to the use of weapons, psychiatric examination.

Why working with us is convenient:

The passage of a baseline medical examination in a single day;

The work of the medical center for examinations from 8: 00 a.m.;

The possibility of filling the medical books on the results of the medical examination;

Having our own laboratory;

The possibility of visiting a medical examination at the company (40 people).

The total area of the clinic is 800 m² (600 m² of which takes Medical center in Naberezhnye Chelny).

Medical center is equipped with modern equipment, allowing to carry out the necessary research and treatment of our clients, having our own laboratory.

The total number of employees is 40, 30 of which – qualified medical specialists and nursing staff.

To learn more about us and about our benefits, you can see “Clinic “

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