history of mankindThe history of mankind is full of sorrow and suffering. Hundreds of thousands of years ago our ancestors fought alone with nature, almost always losing. The person does not have powerful claws, no tough skin. In the battle with the elements, ruthless and cruel, he has little chance. But the gift of reason gave us a different weapon that is not given to man to disappear in the evolutionary battles, like the others: we’re transforming our everyday living environment. From the moment when man made the first gun that has never existed in the Universe, he opened the way to modern civilization.

Now, eons later, we are so used to the built environment, you yourselves have created that are not even aware of its existence. Man lives thanks to the work of the various services and infrastructures. Perhaps, almost any resident of the metropolis feels ancient chill inside, when the lights in his house suddenly pales, and he again left alone with Erebos.

With the development of society, new habits and needs, not perceived, until one day they disappear. Today’s children rarely feel the distinction between a physical mobile device and its virtual environment. Their children will not imagine my life without any other technologies that we don’t have the slightest idea.

But despite the progress, the person remains a “social animal”. A living creature that needs a simplest. In the shelter, bread and clothing. Of course, our standard of living is constantly increasing: now almost everyone can afford something that couldn’t afford the French monarch a few centuries ago. Undoubtedly, it would continue, but the basic problems of our existence will accompany the person until it retains its human shell.

The safety of this finest, biologically, lace shell depends on a million factors. Once mankind knew only a little of them — and the Black Death had taken its toll. The echoes of this event is still preserved in our language: the word “quarantine” comes to us from the ancient Venice, suffering from the plague. In an attempt to stop the scourge of ships from distant countries were instructed to remain outside the port for 40 days. “Quaranta giorni” — that was the name of this term in the Venetian dialect stroiteljnogo language.

Mankind defeated the plague and smallpox, our wives and daughters do not die from puerperal fever, and we secretly hope that we’re lucky to live to a hundred years. However, people are still mortal, and whenever a man is pierced with pain, the old, primal fear reminds him of the finiteness of his existence. Our civilization is doomed to eternal struggle with what is trying to ruin her. We decided to show you just how huge the scale of the changes awaiting us in the twenty-first century health care — and what problems will still be with us.

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