Eternal lifeIt is a symbol of future medicine. Rex is not a robot and not a cyborg. He is an artificial human. Thanks to the dentures Rex sees, hears, walks, breathes. It can even keep up with the conversation, because the creators gave the bionic man with artificial intelligence. Rex has all bodies are not just artificial. Heart, lungs, liver, kidneys, joints, blood, eyes – all of these mechanisms are quite capable in a few years to replace live – lost or unusable. A little more, and we can live as much as you want. Perhaps the person who will live to 1,000 years has already been born on Earth!

Today on the development of medical technologies spent a lot of money. Typically, this private capital is very rich people. But not trying to do some wishing to live forever, to realize their own dreams by creating problems for others? The immortality of one person – a definite benefit. But let’s imagine that tomorrow all the inhabitants of the Earth will suddenly gain eternal life. What will be the consequences? In just a few decades the planet will be overpopulated. Deficit areas will inevitably lead to military conflicts and environmental disasters, and the lack of natural resources – the hunger…

Science, withdrawn from the shores of morality and Christian morality, may apply to the means of mass destruction of people, their degradation. Death is the basic law of life on earth. Would not it be a violation of thoughtless interference in the plans of the Almighty? What can cause games human in God?

Author: Nikolai Petrov

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