doctor of natural SciencesCosmoenergy, which increasingly began to write and speak the media causes a lot of argument, one accepts on faith the existence of this unique method of healing and cleansing of a person, someone completely rejects the notion, but for most this new, or rather ancient doctrine, remains a mystery. New and ancient at the same time? The fact is that the method successfully used by our ancestors, was lost for thousands of years remained but a few dedicated… India and Tibet.

In the 90-ies of the special scientific research institutes in the former USSR were engaged in the study of energy and information flow in order to further apply the method to influence the consciousness of man and the development of his abilities. And only at the beginning of the new Millennium, thanks to the efforts of academician V. A. Petrov and his disciple – physicist, doctor of natural Sciences, Professor, rector of Moscow Institute of Cosmoenergy and E. M. speccialy Bagirov, cosmoenergy have found their true purpose – to help people through their many disciples in Russia abroad.

Cosmoenergy – the medicine of the future. Orthodox medicine treats the individual and the disease, sharing his physical and spiritual nature, before the doctors appears only the physical body that affected this or that disease. The space energetic, that is, those who possess the energy channels, consider the person in the first place, from the point of view of his spiritual essence, and its failures, illnesses, severe illness, as a result of improper interaction with the environment.

People – it’s a deeper creation of the Universe, the primary component of which is the soul and the physical body is surrounded by several, invisible to the human eye thin bodies, and the biofield infinite as the universe. This is not from the world of fiction, and a well-founded and scientifically proven facts. And no matter how people perceive cosmoenergy, believe it or not, whether consider it pseudo-science or magic, it works and brings amazing results especially in combination with physiotherapy and psycho-correction. As well as removing all types of negative impacts on human rights, establishes a powerful cosmic protection.

Cosmoenergy – this is a unique method based on the use of cosmic energy fields, with therapeutic properties, each of which has its own vibration characteristics, can be used depending on specific types of diseases and problems. Used here is not the energy of a person, but a powerful cosmic threads, the conductors of which are the space energetic.

Universe, planets, stars are the most powerful source of energy. But Man himself is a complex multidimensional bio-energy system, which, like everything in the Universe obeys the same laws. In the chakras of man built his fortune and health, according to the law of karma, it depends on the quality of his deeds in previous incarnations and from the model behavior in this life.

The space energy during the session balances the quality of the program of the chakras, aligns the aura and aligning the aura, clears his thin Tala. And as a result, you drop the disease, improving the fate and the patient goes to the highest level of spiritual development, developing your superpowers.

People were used to that from his childhood about his health to take care of someone else, the person seeking the cause of the disease from the outside, while she lies in himself. Your materialistic view of the disease, the destiny should be changed, and more attention to the spiritual component, thin bodies, the human biofield. All our deeds, actions, emotions, desires, words, and thoughts from birth in the form of energy-information program are deposited in the etheric, astral and mental bodies of man, and their negative qualities further lead to diseases, conflicts, accidents. There is a direct link between the spiritual and the physical.

For example hypertension – a disease that conventional medicine still cannot cure (drugs that are prescribed to patients who are temporarily weaken the symptoms but not eliminate completely from the disease), in fact the disease is not, it is – a type of character based on irritation. Man wants to control the situation, the people, interfere in someone else’s fate irritated, prevents people, even their own children to solve their own problems and, thereby, to develop. It does not interfere harmonious world with their creepy Outlook and do not hinder the process of evolution of the human soul, he is stopped by using a high pressure. It is clear that to completely get rid of hypertension, but only after realizing their mistakes, changing its character.

Space channels that are used in the treatment of such ailments, help to improve overall health by acting primarily on the psychological impact on his consciousness and worldview. Therefore, the majority of patients after the sessions, feel ease, peace, harmony in the soul, a positive attitude.

Cosmoenergy is not to deny the great achievements of Orthodox medicine. Medicines bring relief and eliminate physical pain, help to cope with infectious diseases, relieve patients from viruses and harmful microorganisms. But most diseases are driven into a chronic form and the problem is only masked, “smeared” and not rooted out completely.

Cosmoenergy is designed to work with the cause of the disease, eliminate it completely. But the success of any healing depends also on the willingness and work of the patient. You can influence it through energy channels, he will feel relieved, but, if not to destroy the root of the disease, it will again begin to grow, but the root of it.

As with hypertension, there is no such disease as cancer, has cancer and the Outlook. People with such a worldview is like a cancer cell that does not understand that, around destroying healthy cells, destroying the overall entire body, and eventually she dies. Constant dissatisfaction, resentment, anger, unwillingness to live, the desire of death to another, is this cancerous behavior. The cosmos responds that destroys a man like that.

Cosmoenergy – this is not a new religion and not a separate doctrine, it is a science that relies on thousands of years of experience accumulated by mankind, faith and spirituality in everyone, regardless of his religious beliefs.

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