DETA-RitmSeries devices DETA-Ritm and DETA-AP is designed for treating wide range of diseases. Medical devices for CHILDREN

17 years (!) developed Scientific-production enterprise “ALICE”.

A series of devices of DETA to restore health have a number of advantages:

Efficiency . In more than 85% of cases in the treatment of a wide range of diseases, including those which have hitherto been considered untreatable or difficult to treat .

Security . Medical devices designed for use in clinical practice with the opportunity of outpatient treatment.

The portability . Everyone can use the devices at home, while traveling or at work. Thus, You have a doctor who is always with You.

Versatility . Medical devices easily rebuilt on solutions to the issues that concern us at the current time.

These medical devices is a revolutionary product on the market of medical equipment, combining the European. Eastern and American medicine.

All products are DEET certified. produced on the most modern equipment using high technology .

Let modern developments in the field of medicine will enter Your life and will help to maintain the health of You and Your family for years to come!

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