Cellular technologyToday achieve such new directions of medical cell technologies, widely used in Oncology, the treatment of liver diseases, neurological, autoimmune and other serious diseases, and in some cases, they are practically the only method of treatment. And the twenty-first century and it will be the century of cellular medicine – so says the head of the laboratory for the isolation of stem cells Pokrovsky Bank of stem cells Dmitriy Ivolgin. Dmitry is sure: the day will soon come when Russia cellular technology will be applicable for a wide range of diseases.

– Dmitry, how did you come to work with stem cells?

– This is not I found the stem cells, they found me. Six years ago I had a rather vague idea about what it is. At the time I worked as a Transfusiology in a public hospital and met with the current Director General Pokrovsky Bank of stem cells Smolyaninova Alexander Borisovich. In the process of communication revealed that he studied with one mentor – we both graduated from the faculty for training of doctors for the Navy’s Military medical Academy. He brought me here, where at that time there was nothing – it was the whole floor of the hospital with bare concrete walls and two smaller rooms in which the equipment was located and the first officers who sat as the first Christians in the caves. Alexander B. brought me here and said there will be a Bank of stem cells, and you are going to work here! It turned out that my specialty in the city is quite rare, and for such a structure, as a Bank of stem cells – required. That is how personal relationships and business need led me to the study of stem cells.

In 2011, our private organization medical University named after. I. I. Mechnikov (MAPO) was established a new structural unit, fully equipped and staffed by experts ’ NEAL cellular technologies.

– What did you find most interesting?

– I was always curious to learn something new, to learn. If I had my way, would be an eternal student. Or the teacher – after all, the knowledge necessary to give (laughs). The first six months, when we “put on the rails” of our stem cell Bank, we were forced to translate on Russian language, all instructions and manuals for the equipment, mastered the most complicated equipment, absorbed the new technology. It was an invaluable experience.

– What date can be considered the Foundation day of Pokrovsky Bank of stem cells?

– Birthday of our Bank, we celebrate the 19th of January(this day in 2007 the company was registered), and in January 2009 we received all the necessary licenses, including the Federal level. By this point we already have the equipment, facilities and team. Now apart from the Bank, which is a repository of stem cells, the laboratory for the isolation and cultivation of the cell material, in our structure also includes a Medical centre “Pokrovsky”. This multidisciplinary hospital where the services are provided by regenerative therapy (they are directly involved cell technologies), as well as General medical services (cardiology, neurology, Hepatology, endocrinology, Oncology). Patients come to us round the clock by ambulance, from insurance companies, with repeated appeals. A year and a half in the Medical center received help 750 people.

– How people learn about you?

– We work with doctors and patients, maternity homes, hospitals and women’s clinics. Talk about cell technology, speak at various conferences, including international, printable articles in specialized magazines, shooting TV shows. We have a virtual tour of the Bank (very nice and informative, laid out a lot of information. For 5 years, during which we actively promote not only the collection and storage of stem cells and their possible use, the attitude of the General public has changed – in a positive way.

The attitude of doctors is changing rather slowly, because everything is new in traditional medicine must undergo a long period of testing. In communicating with physicians we have to use special arguments that lead to more data, mostly foreign studies. But we do not lose heart.

– What place in your professional life takes part in international scientific conferences?

it ’ s Significant. Specialists Pokrovsky Bank of stem cells travel to various workshops and conferences at least 4 times a year. And if at first we went exclusively to study and sought to understand the process, to understand which way the wind blows, now we compare our achievements with the development of foreign colleagues. And in some cases can already tell that we have advanced in our studies a little further. Sometimes we adjust our ongoing development as a result of participation in the discussion of certain problems. After last year’s conference, for example, I can say that we are moving at the same pace that our Western partners in the U.S. and France.

– whether you are Considering a partnership with foreign colleagues?

– Yes, we have taken some steps in this direction. We actively communicate, for example, with Czech scientists – they have an interesting technique of using stem cells in traumatology and orthopedics, we are already doing this. We communicate with the Israeli Oncology & Hematology unit – they often come to visit us. Our Center is also developing contacts with the Americans, the British.

– How to develop cellular medicine in Russia?

– We – a private organization and, unlike their foreign counterparts, any grants from the government or the development Bank or studies not obtained: work independently. The same I can say about some other Russian centres involved in medicine stem cells. In our country the development of cellular medicine is very difficult, it moves forward only by enthusiasts, such as the team Pokrovsky Bank of stem cells. Not many can handle that, go the distance. It is very difficult – to be the first and successful.

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