Bolic or medicine of the futureMedicine eternal. Until then, until we are completely silicon and the doctor doesn’t turn into a mechanic, health care will be necessary for all. To dream about what it will be, in time – in the Russian Informatization now in medicine the money is going and, therefore, sought by many integrators.

Outset of the important specifics of this sector – almost no one wants to make their issues public. To share their displacements, we do not mind, do not hide what we have appliances, vacation plans, etc. but now with the medicine case is a bit special – friends will tell you, but everyone – obviously less likely than the rest. Actually, the controllers of personal data protection is considered as – health data should be protected more strictly than any other personal information.

In practice this means that to develop social services in which content is with pleasure generated by the users themselves, is much more complicated. Google, for example, turns your Health. So to say – at one vendor did not work. Not the fact that will come another who will be able to make the interface more convenient, and depersonalization – safer.

Actually, the alternative “social” content data is clear – a centralized state database, mandatory for medical institutions regulations. Costly, but for sure, if you assign personal responsibility and to ensure the inevitability of punishment for failure. In General, the usual story with centralization. While on this path and go – the data centers of the Ministry of health, jobs in health care institutions, BY using remote facilities. Amount – NDA.

Let’s daydream. About, for example, that “jobs” can be quite different. About how we shoot watch house, put on a tray in the hallway, and they give the data for the day of the pulse, pressure, level of sugar (it is possible without piercing the skin, I wonder?) first home computer. Maybe this tray is already connected to the network by itself, is not important.

And a month before that gave you the prescription, the electronic prescription. It is preserved in the database that you trust that are available and your doctor, and your watch, and you yourself. For this recipe you can remind that it is time to take medication, automatically order them at the pharmacy if you need to control the diet. For example, to keep active, to plan training sessions on a commercial network service – now common place.

In General, we should determine the approach. On one hand, this garbage data (inaccurate names, duplication), as foursquare is clearly not suitable for serious storage of medical data. Additional efforts are needed moderation, regulation. Another is it worth spending your money on time professional to fill the part of data that can populate the users themselves-patients? The ideal, as usual, in the middle.

But it’s all about the future, but in reality the change is not so noticeable. During 2012 in all polyclinics of Moscow will earn infomats. which will allow you to view the schedule of doctors and sign up to them at the reception. Come still need twice – for a voucher at the reception in the next two weeks to the specialist, but we love technology not for it. But for the fact that everything can be in a common database to fold and get access from anywhere.

Anyway, turns in the registry, you may be able to avoid. Further, the government of Moscow promises to give access to the same functionality of an appointment through the city portal of public services.

Identified came through the bar code of the policy of compulsory health insurance or a universal electronic map. You what to eat? About the UEC so I will not, and on his plastic MHI remember a 16-digit code, the bar code can not remember. Again a new ID? But okay, these are details.

Now about the virtues of a single database. Know that says “savings Bank” about your email queue? You’ve probably seen such offices, not at the BEAC from a mobile operator, at the visa application centres or anywhere else. At the entrance stands the print number plates car, you need to first select the button under your reason to visit, and then quietly in the hall though, at least from the outside, wait for your number to the electronic scoreboard.

So here’s a guide of Sberbank says that there are three modes – green, yellow and red. All terminals of electronic queue connected to a Central system that is trained to deal with crowds of people. If us Bank branch becomes too much, (like in the movies about the American army fifth level of anxiety becomes the fourth) the office is transferred, for example, in yellow mode and changing the rules of work of employees. They lay the tasks that can be practiced in a green time, and begin to deal with the possible accumulation of people.

In fiction, people had machine-“the Keeper”. The communication interface is wirelessly brain. Access – from anywhere in the world. Information – all the information about health. The functionality – tips, reminders, care. If will be normally made work schedule, appointments and securely store data on the results of meetings with physician is the first step. I admit that the reality of clinics now with wonderful fantasies does not fit, but because the passport is better Zhekov. Suddenly and clinics will, too.

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